The most experienced of the lot & 1 of the 3 original founders. Liam has had passion for barbering for 10+ years, his resilient work ethic certainly mirrors that.

Liam makes sure that when your in his seat your there for a good time and not a long time. His ability to cut & fade hair at a high standard an at a speed that is second to none, definitely something you want to see if your waiting in line.

Liam’s hobbies include going the gym, designing Merch for the business & enjoys getting tattoos. He also spends his time with his partner & 9 year old daughter.

Liam prides himself on the business he has built from ground up over these last 8 years. 

Liam Says “He remembers a time when he was younger & his other siblings would mock him for his long hair and gentle ways & claim he would grow up to be a hair dresser. “He laughs because they all ended up asking for a job when I started my own shop.

You can find Liam greeting you on seat number 1 as you enter the shop. Don’t be afraid to say hello.


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