Residing in seat number 3, The youngest of the 3 brothers is Braden. A ex glazer turned barber, Braden managed to force his way into the family business. With persistent attendance and on a mission to make the customer feel valued, after a couple of months the boys eventually gave him a chair to perfect his craft.

Now with 2.5 years shop experience under his belt, Braden started his Barber journey a lot differently than the other 2 boys. Looking for an escape from the labour intensive job of glazing he decided to take a leap of faith and move countries.
Vietnam the destination, with all eyes set on a barbershop he once visited on a previous trip there. The game plan was show up everyday until they eventually let him learn. It worked!
 The language barrier made it hard for him  to progress further and due to other circumstances Braden was forced to move home. Luckily at that stage he had the basic skills & knowledge needed to get his foot in the door at the family Barbershop & the rest is history.
Braden is a social butterfly and loves a good yarn. His hobbies include Gym & spending time with mates.If your into a bit of banter and love a good laugh then you can’t go past booking a cut with this man, you won’t be disappointed!


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